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1892 – 2012



Did you ever wonder what Santa does for the other 363 days of the year (that’s when he’s not delivering presents or playing his accordion on Rafter St.)?  Or did you ever wonder where retired Echo employees go when they retire and close their reporters’ pads?

Well ponder no longer!  The mystery was solved on St. Patrick’s Day, outside the Castle Night Club, when he appeared as his alter ego St. Patrick.  The accordion-playing maestro was the star attraction at the Enniscorthy Athenaeum Ltd St. Patrick’s Day Celebration in the Castle Nite Club.  He enticed the crowds in where they enjoyed the fantastic music provided by The Duffry Stompers and guests, and could also browse through Anne McClean’s second hand book and art stand, with the added attraction this year of some really beautiful and sparkling jewellery, and silk scarves and handbags. 

The 1916 re-enactment group stood guard on the Athenaeum itself which is celebrating its 120th year in 2012, while the punters soaked up the fun and craic, and made a right few bob for Enniscorthy Athenaeum Ltd. 

The Directors were delighted with the turn-out and thank everyone who made the day such a success.